About us

A little about this Disabled Combat Veteran Owned Small Business

Hello, my name is Steve Katkus. I am the owner of this business and began my military service in the US Army National Guard in 2003 where I was a C-23 Flight Engineer Aircrew Member with deployments in OIF Iraq. I had switched services in 2008 to the US Air National Guard where I was trained as a C-17A Loadmaster Aircrew Member. I was injured in the line of duty and ended my military service in 2012. 

I own and operate a limousine service company "Alaska Limousine" in Alaska in 2007 and still do.  www.RealAlaskaTours.com

Back in 2015 I began selling all sorts of new items that were part of a damaged pallet or refused shipment. That included everything from general hardware, office supplies and other home improvement. I sold these items on Amazon for over a year and found that the market was really in demand for OEM refrigerator water filters. So I focused my attention to that. 

I soon found that the OEM refrigerator market was rife with counterfeits and the OEM companies like Whirlpool, GE, Samsung and others were charging about $50 for a small one time use filter that would last typically for 6 months. I found the price outrageous. 

In response to the high price of the OEM filters and seeing that over 90% of the online marketplaces such as Amazon, Sears Online, WalMart marketplace, eBay and other online e-commerce sites were full of counterfeit OEM filters I decided to create my own website to offer a better option to consumers.  

This website we offer showcases the most commonly found OEM refrigerator water filters in the US market.  

We specialize in the sale of OEM refrigerator water filters that have been discontinued by the manufacturer that are no longer sold in retail outlets. 
We do not sell counterfeit goods, all our products are screened and thoroughly inspected for tainted products and we are well trained in identifying counterfeit OEM products.  
You will find that our prices are lower than most competitors. We procure our inventory from NEW OLD STOCK (NOS) from other major retailers and other small companies and regularly buy wholesale liquidation inventories. 
Steve Katkus OIF 2007 with Gary Sinise
Steve Katkus OIF 2007